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Live Ship Global Seafood Logistics

We would like to tell you about our new company Live Ship Global Seafood Logistics and the investment opportunity we offer to you. Live Ship Logistics, a three-year-old company based in North Sydney Nova Scotia, is revolutionizing the way live lobster (Homarus Americanus) and snow crab (Chionoeceted opilio) are shipped worldwide by a newly developed shipping container. Live Ship has secured the exclusive rights for Homarus Americanus (lobsters ) and Chionoecetes opilio (snow crab) from BIONOVATIONS INC. for their patented containers.

To date we have raised just under two million dollars and have ordered the first four containers from BioNovations. Our 5-year goal in to have 120 containers in service. We have received support from private investment, both Federal and Provincial governments, New Dawn, BDC and CBDC.

Increasing demand for lobster

Global demand for seafood increasing every year alone is up 65% over the last 5 years making efficient shipping more important than ever.

Lower Shipping Costs

Significant saving versus airlines.

Superior Product

Less handling means lower mortality rates.

Carbon Footprint

Burn less fuel, use less water and eliminate styrofoam packaging.

What people are saying about live ship

We have great interest in having Live Ship use BioNovations Live Seafood Transport Containers as a means of transportation for our various customers. Currently we are shipping up to 45,000KG of live lobster per week to long distance locations.

Peter Swim

President, Simply Fresh Seafoods Inc

We currently ship 100,000-130,000KG monthly into Shanghai. Live Ship will be able to service our needs for precisely what we need.

Joel German

CEO, I Deveau Fisheries Ltd.