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Peter Swim
President, Simply Fresh Seafoods Inc

We have great interest in having Live Ship use BioNovations Live Seafood Transport Containers as a means of transportation for our various customers. Currently we are shipping up to 45,000KG of live lobster per week to long distance locations.

Joel German
CEO, I Deveau Fisheries Ltd.

We currently ship 100,000-130,000KG monthly into Shanghai. Live Ship will be able to service our needs for precisely what we need.

Michelle Theriault
Director, Marine Research Centre and campus Petit de Grat, Université Sainte-Anne

BioNovations new transport system has the potential to reduce mortality rates and maintain the quality of lobster during live shipping by mimicking the animal’s natural habitat. In addition to providing an ecofriendly and stress-free shipping alternative for lobster, Live Ship’s new system also presents exciting possibilities for live shipping of other new species here in Canada as well as around the world.